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    International Baccalaureate Board

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    Nowadays, parents have the option to choose from a variety of educational boards to enroll their children. The traditional ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education), CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), or State boards are not the only available choices to the parents. Parents may now also opt to enroll their child in IB word schools that offer IB programs.

    What are IB World Schools?

    The schools recognized by the International Baccalaureate Organization headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland; founded in 1968 and offer the IB curriculum come to be known as IB World Schools. There are approximately 40 IB World Schools in all over India.

    What is the International Baccalaureate Board?

    The International Baccalaureate board is rapidly gaining popularity and increasing no. of parents are opting for this board for their child. The reason behind it is that the IB education system offers an application-based education with a board spectrum of subjects that help in the overall development of the child. It’s
    The IB board offers the following IB Programs:

    • Primary Years Programme (PYP): Age 3-11 (Kindergarten to Class 5).
    • Middle Years Programme (MYP): Age 11-16(Class 6 to Class 10).
    • Diploma Programme (DP): Age 16-19 (Class 11 to Class 12)

    The IB programs can be integrated into the local curriculum and Hindi can be offered as a second language in the IB Diploma Program, No examinations are conducted till the Middle Years Programme (Class 10) and it does not test the memory or the speed of a child but rather tests the knowledge of the child.

    The advantages of the IB Board

    • The students become more culturally conscious by means of learning a second language.
    • It is very beneficial for those who may relocate internationally or pursue higher education abroad where other boards may not be recognized.
    • It provides its students the opportunity to participate in a comprehensive knowledge of the subject of their choice.
    • The IB curriculum trains students in various aspects such as self-confidence, research skills, organizational skills, and self-learning.
    • IB curriculum gives exposure to quality curriculum, research abilities, and international outlook, and social service which prove beneficial to aspirants who aspire to apply to Universities abroad.

    The disadvantages of the IB Board

    • An IB program may cost anywhere between 2 to 13 lakh a year, making it too expensive for many middle-class families.
    • The IB program has an international standing and involves high academic severity and intensity that academically average students may not be able to muddle through.
    • The IB board allows flexibility in choosing subjects making it very vital for students to make up their minds about the career they want to choose in the future and pick subjects wisely.
    • Some schools have the prevailing problem of ‘predicted’ scores which are close to actual scores but might even be over predicted and many colleges may not accept these predictive scores instead of final actual scores.

    Keeping in mind the advantages and the disadvantages of the IB curriculum one must understand that the pedagogy of IB Programs is very different from regular boards focusing more on developing its students as global citizens.

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